It’s simple.

For the pure love of the horse.

It’s their soft eyes, warm fur, and wild spirit. It’s the way they bolt into the pasture when the halter is released in the morning at sunrise. It’s the goosebumps we get when we see a foal stand or nurse for the first time. It’s the ability to end pain in a dignified and peaceful way. It’s the way that no matter how long or difficult the day, there is always a hug waiting in the stall for us, ready to soak up our tears with their mane. It’s the smell of the horse that brings us ultimate peace and shows us, even just for a moment, that all is right in the world. It’s the way our horses make us feel as though we are the best; never judging, never callous, and always welcoming. These are the reasons we do what we do, and we’ve made it our lifelong passion to try and give back all that they have given us.