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Both all-inclusive since 1997 AND specialized, we are also rehabilitation leaders and “horse-people” to the core.

Providing world class equine care in our community and beyond since 1997

We are fortunate that our team is comprised of equine professionals with a passion for horses and, as important, horse health. Our veterinarians are curious life-long learners. In addition to the required continuing education, each has sought additional certifications beyond the traditional DVM. These include acupuncture, chiropractic, Kinesio-taping, and FEI certifications. Our doctors and team spend time each year travelling the United States to find the latest research, treatments, and modalities to bring back home to North Carolina so as to continually elevate the level of care your horses receive.

Our friendly staff of competent professionals have been transforming our patient care and client relations by delivering on-demand, full service veterinary care to all equine breeds, in all equestrian disciplines, for all routine medical issues through sincere compassion, competence and state of the art technology!

Rehabilitation Leaders

Proud to be the first rehab center in the Research Triangle, we also accept patients nationwide for our equine sports medicine and lameness solutions program. Since rehab is at the core of every injury, and muscle strengthening is at the heart of every true athlete, equines in our care submit to a host of rigorous, veterinarian-supervised options upon prescription. Our method is our philosophy: First heal, then incrementally improve by strengthening and correcting. Check out our rehabilitation page to see all the modalities we offer and learn how each one of them conditions your horse.