Rehabilitation Manager with 3H Mobile Veterinary Services P.A. d/b/a: 3H Equine Hospital and Mobile Veterinary Services (New Hill+ NC)

Responsibilities include monitoring day-to-day health of horses, monitoring progress of horses in rehabilitation, and administering oral medications as prescribed by supervising veterinarian(s). Performs rehabilitative activities, including walking horses on water treadmill, city treadmill, hot walker, and vibration plate, lunging horses, applying ice spa boots after exercise, applying bandages as needed, tacking and untacking horses for aforementioned activities as well as riding, and grooming horses. Assists farrier by providing health and progress updates, and holding horses during shoeing. Maintains accurate and detailed medical records, and maintains effective channels of communication with all members of the caretaking/rehabilitation team. Reports directly to veterinarian.

Requirements: Requires at least one year of college-level study in Horse Management, Equine Studies or related field plus 3 years of experience, which must include some experience with the following: FEI level show grooming; longeing horses for lameness evaluations and rehabilitation; farrier skills; professional grooming skills, including body-clipping, reading horse behavior, wrapping and bandaging); using, maintaining and teaching horses to use therapy equipment including a treadmill; and driving a horse trailer.

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