3H is always on the look-out for outstanding people to join our team!

We are always interviewing prospective students for senior rotations and graduates for positions as interns and associates. Why? Because we are frequently asked what makes 3H different, and our answer never waivers:

Day after day after day …
It is a stronger and better team
that makes us proud of
who we are and what we do.

Our human resources are our added value. The same resilience and determination they showed after the fire that threatened to destroy us, is the same resilience and determination we at 3H show to every horse, every time, whether it be in clinical settings or rehabilitation.

As you search for your own next right fit for employment, we encourage you to RETHINK what it could mean for you to work with the right people from start to finish. Whether it is our 24/7 availability, professional mentoring or client education, 3H is proud to deliver as promised. We have spent the last 24 years growing our vision and we are excited for what the next 24 years holds!

Please contact us at: office@3hvet.com
We look forward to hearing from you.