Are you seeking abundant opportunities for hands-on, well-rounded exposure that will leave you feeling confident and competent?

Our high case load and readily available on site herd absolutely guarantee continuous hands-on experience in all areas.

Do you want to learn cutting edge therapies and equipment?

Our full range of advanced services from sports medicine, rehab and regenerative medicine are state of the art.

Would you like to better understand what it takes to run an equine business?

We have been operating for over 2 decades. Our practice owner regularly updates his own knowledge as a contributing member Veterinary Management Groups. We would be happy to share their insights with you.

Do you need more time and exposure to specialized services in order to find your particular niche?

Our vets collectively have more than 4 decades of experience, and advanced training in many areas, including dentistry. Prepare to be amazed as you rotate with each, because they enjoy talking about what they love!

Are you craving the option of complementing medicine with the world of performance?

You will share in the strong presence of 3H Vet at hunter jumper shows. Additionally, our practice owner has FEI certification and remains heavily involved with FEI.

Do reproduction and foaling fascinate you?

We understand. The miracle of birth fascinates us all! On site, we stand our own stud, and typically foal several horses a year. No doubt, you will be scheduled to assist in foaling and neonatal care.

Do you consider staying current with the cutting edge advantage of technology for equine rehab necessary for the advancement of your career?

Few veterinary practices can offer an in-house rehab center to clients, but we are proud to share ours with you. Equines cycle daily through their paces according to prescription and you will have ample opportunity to learn how to operate all the equipment, and more importantly, to witness the acceleration of healing.