You can help reduce your horse’s risk of leptospirosis with LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR®, the first and only vaccine to help prevent leptospirosis in horses. LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR helps prevent leptospiremia caused by L. pomona, which could, but has not been demonstrated to, help reduce the potential risk of equine recurrent uveitis (ERU) infections, abortions or acute renal failure caused by L. pomona.*

Discuss your horse’s leptospirosis risk factors with your veterinarian and consider vaccinating with LEPTO EQ INNOVATOR.

Exposure to Skunks, Deer, Raccoons and Other Wildlife
Wildlife, including the striped skunk, raccoon, white-tailed deer and opossum, are common maintenance hosts.6 Horses can become infected by eating hay or grain from surfaces that are contaminated by Leptospira-infected urine from wildlife or domestic animals, as well as through exposure to contaminated soil, bedding, feed and drinking water.7

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