3H-Equine-Hospital-Mobile-Vet-ClinicWhat to Expect:

— State of the art medical care for your horses
We are always learning, always improving and always eager to excel because we love what we do. Our team approach to the most challenging cases, sets us apart as our vets collectively bring over 4 decades of experience.

— Rapid response time
Timeliness is everything in an emergency, and punctuality is a professional mandate. We take both very seriously.

— A Commitment to passing our learning on to you
While professional competency can be expected of anyone holding a DVM, we encourage each of our vets to “find their niche” and become specialists as well.

— Genuine compassion for equines
Very simply, the horse deserves nothing less. As horse owners ourselves, we understand your feelings of concern, and believe you deserve our reassurance and guidance at every opportunity.

— Open communication
We encourage you to be an active partner in our ongoing communication. Whether you “Like Us” on Facebook, or call / email the Office with a concern, we want to hear it ! Please do not wait for a survey to express your opinion, as your insight helps us to resolve concerns before they become problems..

Payment Options

Thank you for choosing our practice! We believe establishing a written financial policy ultimately enhances our professional relationship. Additionally, it aids in avoiding any miscommunication, and allows us to focus on our important work together: healing your equine.

Following are our guidelines/policies regarding financial responsibility:

  • Payment is expected at the time of service.
  • Prior balances on your account must be paid in full within 60 days unless other arrangements are made in advance and in writing with our Office.
  • Accounts may be turned over to a collections agency for balances outstanding after 90 days.
  • The client is legally responsible for all collection costs associated with the account, including any court fees, reasonable attorney fees, and other expenses incurred with collection if it becomes necessary.
  • Interest in the amount of 1.5% monthly (18% annually) may be added to any balances older than 60 days
  • We are happy to further discuss payment with you. You are welcome to call our Office at 919 363 1686.