DR. FERNANDO CARDENASDr. Fernando Cardenas

Fernando, born and raised on a horse farm in Colombia, SA, still maintains a strong connection to his family’s current breeding/training operation in Florida. His ever-increasing commitment to the rehabilitation of equine lameness and most recent FEI certification as treating veterinarian for international competitions come as a surprise to no one. They are natural complements to his 2016 Olympic qualification with his stallion, Quincy Car. As Practice Owner, he is an active participant in VMG (Veterinary Management Groups) for ongoing improvement of 3H as a business.

DR. TRACY TINSLEYDr. Tracy Tinsley

Tracy is our senior vet. She began her career in Georgia after graduation in 2004 from the University of Illinois, but she has been steadfast and truly amazing at 3H ever since. Her most recent schooling in advanced dentistry (2016), comes as no surprise because in addition to being extremely well-rounded, she is very gentle and compassionate with the horses. Her special interest is reproduction. Having enjoyed dressage and eventing horses as a child, she now hopes to pass on that love to her children.

DR. LAUREN ZAPPITELLIDr. Lauren Zappitelli

Lauren completed her DVM at the University of Wisconsin and a very demanding internship in Arizona before crossing nearly the entire country with her horse to become a member of our team. Within months, she proved an uncommon determination in solving a mystery equine illness: the diagnosis of the first case of myofibrillar myopathy (basically, equine muscular dystrophy) in NC. Holding additional certifications as acupuncturist (2013) and chiropractor (2016), she also loves neo-natal and sports medicine. She recently retired “Sundance Kid”, but not her hopes for a return one day to the show circuit, where she previously medaled internationally.

DR. LAUREN ZAPPITELLIDr. Courtney Culbertson

Courtney brings a lifetime commitment to horses and a star-studded 8 year career as a vet including work as a solo practitioner. She now looks forward to practicing the medicine she loves in the place she calls home. Since completing her DVM, chiropractic and acupuncture certifications, she has increasingly worked in these complementary therapies. Her gentle demeanor with both people and horses is highly effective.

DR. ERIN SLAUGHTERDr. Erin Slaughter

Erin is a proud 2012 NCSU alumna. She began her career as an intern, working almost exclusivelywith Dr. Cardenas at 3H, and has been with us ever since. Even after all these years, Erin still loves emergency equine work, and enthusiastically gives up many weekends just to have more of it. A lover of cats and dogs as well, Eris also works as a small animal vet.

Office Staff:

Did you ever wonder who holds us all together as a team? Why, our 3H Office Staff, of course. Some of our most important work is done behind the scenes. Meet those who listen well, genuinely care about you and your equines, and are always ready to respond to questions and concerns with compassion, professionalism and genuine friendliness. As horse owners themselves, they understand the beauty and complexity of the human-equine bond just as well as you do.