Megan obtained her DVM from NC State and we are fortunate that she decided to stay local and join the team of 3H Equine in June 2018. Megan grew up with horses and she realized her true passion for equine podiatry in 2011 when she embarked on a 2-year battle against laminitis in her own horse. Once she started vet school she found an excellent mentor in Dr. Richard Mansmann and she took every opportunity to spend time learning from him and countless other experts at Auburn, Virginia-Maryland, Rood & Riddle, and even in Australia with Dr. Pollitt and Dr. Van Eps. Megan’s knowledge base is well rounded, but her passion in veterinary medicine has everything to do with feet. Toted as the local laminitis expert, she works continuously with other veterinary professionals and farriers to keep your horse on its feet, literally! Her motto is, “No hoof, no horse”! When the weather is good, Megan enjoys taking her dogs to the river for a swim or riding her horse.