3H-Equine-Hospital-Mobile-Vet-ClinicChiropractic adjustments offer many benefits to your horse regardless of discipline. It doesn’t matter if your horse is a grand prix jumper, or 25-year-old retired pasture pet, regular chiropractic adjustments can significantly reduce pain and improve quality of life. Getting your horse’s body back in alignment will help with their flexibility, muscle mass, and even improvement temperament. Many people realize that their horse needs a chiropractic adjustment because of decreased range of motion, behavioral issues, or uneven muscling on.

Manipulative therapy, known to most as chiropractics, involves the manipulation of joints in order to place them back into their normal range of motion. When joints are out of alignment, this can cause a cascade of issues and not only the joint becomes effected. Left unaligned, muscles begin to be shifted and compromised as the body fights to restore the alignment. Ultimately both the muscles and joints are effected and left untreated, can lead to premature arthritis.