Why walk?

If you seek to improve your equine’s general fitness, enhance the quality of the topline or even give yourself a competitive advantage as the rider, strengthening your horse’s back or hind quarters is an optimal choice, and the horse gym is a great option. By walking in a straight line without the saddle or rider, on the correct surface, your horse will develop increased swing and overall back flexibility while building both muscle and stamina. Waling is measured, safe and natural, to the point of inducing relaxation.

Is your equine recovering from leg injury or surgery?

A controlled workout on a shock absorbent belt, where time, speed and incline can be customized is the ideal. The correct belt, or “flooring” allows horses to walk steadily and evenly on a surface similar to naturally grown grass in the woods. The Horse Gym is the “Mercedes Benz” among treadmills. is a, thus provoking the strength of hind end and back muscles to return. We find most equines enjoy the daily routine!