CASE STUDIES from universities over the past two decades have proven that cold water spa treatment is extremely beneficial for any leg injuries. With saltwater hydrotherapy blood circulation and the rate of healing are increased. The SPA boasts a variety of key features and an all-in-one design making it one of the best available options in hydrotherapy.

The SPA uses temperature, aeration, and saltwater therapy to increase its healing benefits. Cold water serves as a topical analgesic and reduces accumulating fluid in areas of concern, while lessening the cellular demand for oxygen. Saltwater has the ability to draw out and effect fluid dispersal. The SPA helps horses get sound faster and stay healthier. It is also ideal for ten to twenty minutes of daily use for horses in training programs.

  • Helps heal soft tissue damage (ligaments, tendons, muscles)
  • Safe treatment for fungus
  • Post-operative use
  • Aid in healing hoof cracks and abscesses
  • Beneficial for joint infections
  • Aids in recovery from lacerations and infections